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​ Cat rescue

We are very sorry but we are not accepting  new rescue cats at the moment

Cherubim does not receive any support from the government, and is operated with donations from those who request protection, foster parents, and everyone who supports us. However, we are currently in a very difficult economic situation.

Therefore, it is not that we take over cats that can no longer be protected or kept free of charge. Regarding the custody of dcats, we ask for your understanding that we will ask the person requesting protection and the owner to support the following monthly expenses until we find foster parents.

Owner Turn In:  if you are serving for the US military in Okinawa, please contact KadenaKaring Kennels.


Cat rescue​

Suckling kitten (1)

1 month / 10,000 yen

Self-feeding kitten, adult cat (1 cat)

1 month / 6,000 yen

*In addition to the custody fee, we ask that you pay the vaccine fee and medical expenses for care during the protection period. If it is difficult for the NPO staff to care for your pet and you need to be hospitalized, we will do so at the Cherubim Animal Hospital as much as possible. After that, if the NPO staff can take care of it, it will be changed to the NPO's custody.

* If you want to leave your cat temporarily for personal reasons such as going out or moving house, please use the pet hotel at Cherubim Animal Hospital.

For more information, please contact the cat consultation desk.

☎ Cat consultation desk 090-9478-8152

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