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To become a foster parent  

  • We do not accept transfers for guard dogs, fields, breeding, hunting dogs, or experiments. Are you clear about what you keep them for?

  • Does your whole family agree to having a dog or cat, instead of being overwhelmed by your children's demands?

  • Do you have a designated person to clean the dog and cat's meals, toilets, and train them every day?

  • In principle, small dogs and cats should be kept indoors, but does anyone in your family have allergies?

  • Do you have space and space to keep them? Can you take care of my pet without disturbing my neighbors?

  • If you are renting, do you have permission from the landlord? Even in pet-friendly housing, there are many places where there are restrictions on the size, type, and number of pets, so be sure to obtain permission from the landlord before applying for adoption. (At the time of screening for foster parents, Cherubim will contact the landlord to confirm whether or not they have a breeding permit.)

  • Dogs and cats do not have health insurance, so daily health care and treatment costs are necessary when they are sick. Can you afford it?

  • Do you anticipate a job transfer or move? If so, can dogs and cats move in together?

  • Can I be sterilized regardless of male or female?

  • Can dogs be registered once in their lifetime and vaccinated against rabies once a year?

  • ​Can I get rid of fleas and ticks in dogs and cats, and prevent heartworms in dogs every month?

  • Is it possible to keep cats completely indoors?

  • Dogs and cats generally live 10 years or more. Would you like to keep it as a member of the family for the rest of your life?

For the happiness of dogs and cats and their families, please apply after clearing the above items.


Foster parent transfer cooperation fee
Adoption fees

This is the cooperation fee paid by the foster parents when the foster parents are decided.

The cooperation fee includes medical expenses, protection expenses, castration contraceptive surgery basic fee, etc..

(Some cases do not include spay/neuter fees, so please confirm when transferring.)




​Cash Only

​Foster parent application form

Download and print the ​adoption application form and complete the adoption application form.

Please bring the application form after contacting each facility by phone.

Cherubim cat consultation counter

Tel: 090-9478-8152 

​Protective cat cafe Nyangyusk

Phone: 098-897-6971

Cherubim Animal Garden Cat House


 Cat adoption application form


​Adoption form (English)

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