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​Frequently Asked Questions


​ I rescued animals. What should I do?

​ Kittens and puppies are urgent and should be taken to the nearest animal hospital for veterinary examination immediately. If their body is cold, wrap it in a cloth and warm it up. Even for adult dogs and cats, there is a possibility of injury or illness,  we recommend that you first see a veterinarian. If you take your pet home without seeing a vet, you may run the risk of spreading fleas and other infectious diseases.


​ I rescued animals at night. What should I do?

Some veterinary hospitals are on night duty. Please check the night time ER on their website.


​I rescued a kitten /puppy but I can't take it to the veterinarian right away. What should I do?

If a small kitten / puppy gets cold, it will die from hypothermia in just an hour or two. After rescuing it, let's warm up the body first. If you are out and don't have anything at hand, you can wrap it in clothes and put it in your pocket. Please make an instant hot water bottle to keep the kitten / puppy warm. The optimum room temperature for kittens is about 30 degrees Celsius, which is slightly hot to humans. Place a blanket or towel inside the cardboard box, place a disposable body warmer or hot water bottle on top of it, and then layer the blanket on top of it to create a warm bed.


​I can't keep pets. Can I bring it in?

Instead of turning to rescue groups right away, try to find foster parents on your own. In many cases, foster parents are found by talking to acquaintances and relatives, posting information on SNS, and participating in adoption events / foster parent meetings.

​If you cannot find a foster home, please contact the Cherubims Help Desk. If you keep your pet at Cherubims until you find a foster parent, the guardian (owner) will also be responsible for the monthly care and medical expenses. Due to the high cost of animal care, we can not accept pets for free.


Owner Turn In:  if you are serving for the US military in Okinawa, please contact Kadena Karing Kennels.


​I want to adopt a pet. What procedures are required?

As a preliminary survey Foster parent application form Please fill in the If you clear this screening, you will be able to sign the pledge of foster parent transfer and become a foster parent. You will need to show your ID  to confirm your name and address. If you live in a rented house, we will check if pets are allowed. We will also need the contact information of the movable property agent or the landlord.

The Animal cat shelter is open to the public daily from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Our Kitten Room in Cherubim Animal Hospital and the rescued cat cafe Nyangusk also hold adoption events every Saturday and Sunday.


​Can I do a trial?

If you have a pet for the first time, or if you have an indigenous animal or a family with children, welcoming a new dog or cat into your family is accompanied by great anxiety. In that case, it is possible to set up a trial period. In the case of kittens and puppies, the trial breeding period is basically one week. 2 weeks for adult dogs and cats.


​ Questions and problems about pets

Cherubim has established a consultation desk to prevent animal cruelty and abandonment. If you have any questions about your pet, please contact us at this phone number.


​Cherubim cat consultation counter
090-9478-8152  (Japanese speaking only)

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