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​Cherubims always need volunteer staff for our cats. If you want to do cat rescue activities, why not start with volunteer staff?

Volunteer duties include cleaning and caring for animals. 

We are also looking for volunteers for clerical work, foster parent association management, transportation of animals and supplies, etc. 

Please call Cherubim and let us know the dates you can attend.

Volunteer inquiry

☎090-9478-8152 (Japanese speaking only)


animal care volunteer

Help with cleaning and caring for cats


​Please call each facility that would like to volunteer.


Churanyan care unit 

☎ 090-9478-8152

Animal garden cat house
☎ 080-3985-6128
Cat cafe Nyangusk


other volunteers

Help with office work

​Contact us

​☎ 090-9478-8152

Help with transportation of goods and animals

​Contact us

​☎ 090-9478-8152

Help with mowing, painting, DIY, etc.

​Contact us

​☎ 090-9478-8152

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