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​Protection history

Protection date: July 3, 2022

Location: Urasoe City's Sunshine amusement park. It was abandoned in a plastic bag at the garbage disposal site.


I was brought to bed with the breath of a bedridden bug, and since there was no visible injury, I hurriedly took an X-ray and found that I had a pneumothorax.

However, he was completely unable to stand and walk on his own, and he did not seem to feel any pain on the right side of his body.


However, additional X-rays revealed damage to the cervical spine.

The doctor told me that in the future, depending on the progress of surgical treatment and rehabilitation, detailed diagnosis such as MRI and CT would be necessary.


Yui was rescued in such a tragic situation, but within two days, even though she could not move, she made a remarkable recovery, trying to eat on her own. rice field


Currently, Yui cannot defecate and urinate on her own, so medical expenses are very expensive.

Also, when it comes to MRI and CT, Cherubim Hospital does not have such equipment, so I would like to ask for a donation of 100,000 to 200,000 yen to cover Yui's medical expenses.

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