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Cherubims Animal Home
We are an animal welfare organization located on the main island of Okinawa.

Kitten Adoption Event

Kitten Adoption Event is held every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the lobby of Cherubim Animal Hospital. (The hospital is closed on those days)

We have adorable kittens ranging from tiny ones to slightly bigger ones who have already been spayed/neutered.

If you're interested in becoming a kitten foster parent, please do come to Cherubim Animal Hospital! 😁

When adopting, we charge an adoption fee of 20,000 yen.


About Cherubim

"Kerubim Animal Protection Society" was established in January 1997 with the aim of promoting animal welfare awareness. It is a non-profit organization based in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture. The society is dedicated to preventing abandonment and cruelty, providing information and awareness campaigns to support better lives for animals. Additionally, they work on rescuing abandoned animals and finding foster homes for cats captured by local authorities. They operate the largest cat shelter in Okinawa located in Ginowan City.

"Since December 2022, 'Animal Garden Kennel' has been operated by 'Rescue Dog Shelter Kafoo.'

'Kerubim Animal Garden Cattery' has relocated to a new shelter on the same floor as Kerubim Animal Hospital in Mashiki, Ginowan City."

Please support
the homeless cats

At Cherubim, we currently provide shelter to nearly 400 cats.

Most of them are stray cats from the Yanbaru region or those who have been abandoned and left with no place to go. We are actively working to connect them with loving homes, but many face challenges due to illness or old age, making it difficult to find adoptive families.

To provide the best possible care and continue operating our shelter, we rely on your generous support.

We kindly ask for your assistance in any way you can. Thank you for your support.

We appreciate donations any time of the year. Items can be brought to the Cherubims Animal Clinic counter every day from 10am-7pm. No appointment is necessary.


We're recruiting volunteers!

Wouldn't you like to come and meet the cats at Cherubim? We're eagerly seeking volunteers to have some 'fun' together! Your help, within a manageable commitment, would truly be appreciated!

If coming alone seems daunting, why not bring friends or family along to Kerubim to assist together?

We also hope that those who can't have cats at home would consider showering our feline friends with affection as if they were your own.

Cherubim Animal Hospital

We have set the examination fees at a reasonable rate to make it accessible to many people.

We are not currently accepting surgeries. We are offering examinations only. Examination registration is available until 30 minutes before closing time. Even outside of our regular hours, you can purchase food and preventive medication until 8:00 PM.

Office hours

Tuesdays 13:00~20:00
Wednesday 10:00~20:00
Thursday 10:00~13:00

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